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Youth Camps

Enrich your community through the power of baseball

How does the Youth Program work?

When minor leaguers become coaches in their local community, the entire game benefits because of his knowledge, expertise, and willingness to work directly with athletes ages 7-18.

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What's in it for the athlete?

We built our youth program so young ballplayers across the country, across the world even, have the ability to connect with, learn from, and experience direct coaching from a minor league baseball player.

What's the purpose of our Youth Program?

Minor league baseball players are some of the most undervalued athletes in the country. Our youth camps look to put the minor league back in front of athletes, supporting them for a week or a weekend and giving athletes high quality coaching.

What's in it for the parents?

With our camps, we hope to instill hard work, dedication, and a lifelong love of baseball to each athlete that participates; each athlete that joins our camp is supporting a community clinic or scholarship to someone less fortunate. 

Are you looking to jump on board?

We are always looking for more families that are passionate about creating lasting change for minor league baseball. Each camp hosted by More Than Baseball supports the communities and families that love the game of baseball.

Upcoming Youth Camps

*Registration is currently closed, sign up for the newsletter for updates on youth camps in your area.

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