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Take Action

Get to know how you can help the More Than Baseball mission


Our job is to get things done, not scream from the rooftops. We are here protect the future of baseball and help minor leaguers develop to the best of their ability. Can we do this? Yes, but we need your help.

Choosing the Right Narrative

Finding the Right Partners

To create an ecosystem aimed at enriching the lives of every minor leaguer, we have to team up with partners committed to this change. This can mean local and national businesses, young and old baseball fans, and MLB teams looking to find an alternative route to developing top talent.

Give the Gift of Baseball

We mean that literally. Your gifts will contribute to allowing little leaguers, the international community, and minor leaguers the opportunity to play the game.


The worst thing we can do is nothing. 

House Players During the Season

Ballplayers need places to sleep and, though we'd like to help house everyone, we want the community to be involved in their wellbeing.


Interested in hosting a player? Fill out this form here:


We are a passionate community of game-changers who are working toward the day when everyone has clean water to drink. Join our team of monthly donors who enable More Than Baseball to do this work.


Giving will go directly towards enabling More Than Baseball to fulfill its mission of creating the best future of the game possible.


Interested in giving monthly? Join THE BULLPEN here:

Host an Event

Bring your friends, families, and coworkers out to a night at the ballpark to raise money for minor leaguers. Want to have a clinic instead? How about a golf tournament? 


More Than Baseball will help you host an event in your minor league community with all the proceeds going to getting players housing, food, and equipment throughout the season.


Interested in hosting an event? Fill out this form here:

Can More Than Baseball Be Successful?

YES, but we must get you, the fans, engaged in all facets of the organization. We can't do this alone and with your help, we can not only help every player today, but we can create a better environment for the players of tomorrow.