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Spread Crushers

Let's help these guys eat right

Time to Crush the Spread

Minor league baseball parks and towns are often food deserts. Teams provide a pregame and postgame meal, which on any given night could be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before games and a burger from the concession stand after. Many players receive inadequate nutritional support or encounter difficulty finding and purchasing food to fuel on-field performance.

With your support, we can directly affect the lives of thousands of ballplayers that can't afford the quality food of it takes to play professional baseball. Optimal development from athletes comes when they can focus on Performance and Recovery.

Players who must rely on club-provided meals often go hungry and eat poor quality and non-nutritous food.

Here are Three Ways you can Support

The craziest thing you can do is nothing


Support the cause by purchasing a Spread Crushers shirt in the team shop.


Sponsor a spread, donate a meal, help these guys eat well during and after the season.

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Work with More Than Baseball to help connect with fans & feed these guys in the process. 


Crush the Gear

Wearing a Spread Crushers shirt will do amazing things like help feed players through the program and show the world how you are making a difference with More Than Baseball.


Are you a food company that wants to support players directly?

Fill out this form here and we'll be in touch.

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