Our Mission

To protect and enhance the future of our game by allowing every ballplayer to live a better life during and after their careers

Bring baseball fans together to get players the resources they need.

Here’s how your gift makes an impact


Many minor league ballplayers are currently forced to locate and pay for their own housing during the season. Your gift will allow More Than Baseball to help players access affordable housing and purchase basic living essentials like a mattress and cooking accessories.


Players require optimal nutrition to perform at their best and a gift to More Than Baseball will allow players access to free and discounted meals, snacks, and supplements for before and after games.


Many minor leaguers have to buy their own bats, batting gloves, fielding gloves, and cleats during the season. Funds raised by More Than Baseball will go to providing stipends and discounted gear to these ballplayers.

Life After Baseball

For minor leaguers, a career after baseball is seen as an afterthought. Many of these players retire with nothing on their resume and no skills to help them find or maintain work. This community will take great pride in helping players succeed in the real world by providing career and financial services to all ballplayers.

Our Promise

Provide every minor leaguer, whether he signed for $1 or $1,000,000, access to More Than Baseball services

We are an open book: all financial documents will be made public

Communities hungry for baseball will receive the gift of baseball, no

questions asked

Our team is always available to talk, feel free to reach out whenever you'd like

Everything we do is out of love for the future of baseball


Here are three ways you can help

The craziest thing you can do is nothing

Give $10 and feed a player for the night.

Host, or attend, an event at a ballpark near you.

Commit to provide food, housing, or equipment.

We'd love to hear from you! Send us a message here.