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Office Hours

Connect directly with the More Than Baseball team

Real conversations.

We are ready and able to speak with minor leaguers directly about our programs; Financial Guidance, Mindset Masters, Professional Development, etc. Below you can schedule a time to meet with Simon Rosenblum-Larson or Jeremy Wolf for 15-30 minutes and they will work directly with you to help you with what you need. Our team is here to serve you.

Step by step

More Than Baseball athletes will have access to a number of different professionals who are experts in their field:
  1. Think about what it is you could use a little guidance in
  2. Click on the "Schedule Now" button to find a time with a member of the MTB team
  3. Choose a time based on your availability that works best for you
  4. You will get an email and text notification prior to the conversation
  5. Show up on time and have a good discussion; our team is here to help you as much as possible
  6. Repeat
*Available in Spanish
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