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Players Only

More Than Baseball is built for you, players that live the grind daily

Not a member of More Than Baseball yet? Check out the Player Intake Form here.

How does More Than Baseball work?

We're here for you: the minor leaguers, the Dominicans, the Venezuelans, the Cubans, the 1st rounders, and the 31st rounders. We welcome you to this clubhouse as a place to help you navigate and survive the grind of minor league baseball. 

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What do we want from you?

We built this so you can get what you need to survive minor league baseball.If there is something you need that's not on this website, give us a call or write us a note and we'll make it happen.

What does More Than Baseball expect from its players?

We want our players to participate in events and spread the word of MTB. We are here to facilitate the growth of the game the right way, through fan engagement and community building.

What do our partners offer?

Our partners are committed to delivering their products to our minor leaguers at a discount or cost. Additionally, each brand has committed to sponsoring or employing at least one minor leaguer per year.

Are you looking to jump on board?

We are always looking for more players that are passionate in creating lasting change for minor league baseball. Every player will remain anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

Not a member of More Than Baseball yet? Check out the Player Intake Form here.

Here are three ways you will benefit

The craziest thing you can do is nothing


Becoming part of More Than Baseball will give you access to affordable housing, food, and equipment.


During your career is the best time to set yourself up for success whenever your career ends. We're here to help.

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No matter what happens to you during or after your career, More Than Baseball is here to assist you at anytime. We mean it.

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