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Helping players succeed off the field


Caleb Mezzy, Grit & Glue

As a teacher, I'm also a coach. This style of management is designed to be heavy on intervention, thus correcting mistakes as they are, and not waiting for an official review where the opportunity to use a “teachable moment” would have passed. 

My intent is to teach these young professionals and people to do things the right way. It's to inspire and motivate while providing a positive impact on them and to do this all with class. 

Alec Kassin, LinkedIn

My motivation to help others uplift and transform themselves flows from this experience and is a critical reason why I find myself at home at LinkedIn, working to transform the world by creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. After having driven strategic operations for LinkedIn's largest G2M program in Europe, I now work on new ways to provide value across business lines for our largest customers. Today, and have never been more motivated to help others overcome their own barriers. 

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