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Our Solutions

The driving force behind the moret mission

The issues surrounding minor league baseball are complicated, but solvable... it's the reason we've decided to do this work.


Why? Because we care about baseball! We know it would take a such a small amount of money from the MLB to make this change for minor leaguers, most of whom play for a pittance. We know the top 1% of baseball makes millions of dollars, either per year or in a signing bonus; this organization isn't built for them.


More Than Baseball is built for the players with four or five-figure signing bonuses, players who won't make any money until they get called up to the majors in five to ten years—if the call ever comes. Ninety percent (90%) of minor leaguers will never make it to the big leagues.

More Than Baseball is here to provide what their major league employers don't: access to housing, discounts on food and equipment, career services, and financial guidance.

We are here because players need your help. 


We want to hear from you. If you were the commissioner of baseball, what would you do to help minor leaguers today?

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