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Hall of Fame

Support the More Than Baseball mission for years to come

Giving power back to the players.

The HALL OF FAME Model is powered by a small and dedicated group of private donors.

These entrepreneurs, artists, baseball fans and business leaders fund our operations on a multi-year basis. This support for operations allows us to plan for the future by creating efficiency and stability for all facets of our organization. And Members of Hall of Fame provide more than just financial support—they’re also some of our most loyal teammates, our most visionary partners, and our most outspoken champions.

Like any startup, we need visionary investors who believe in and support our business model, so we can stay focused on what matters most: solving the baseball crisis. Since we can’t offer stock options or the promise of a big buyout to our generous investors, our Hall of Famer's ROI is measured in the number of people whose lives are transformed by giving the gift of baseball.

Heart & Hands


Beyond the Hall of Fame, a select group of companies and foundations have chosen to support our staff salaries and operations through corporate gifts, percentage of sales, and campaigns tailored to each business' market and brand.

Gift Box


From technologies to office furniture, much of what we have is donated by generous companies. We're deeply grateful to those who provide equipment and services to help us get the job done with quality and style.

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